Where can I report a bug, problem, or error?

  1. Open the Biomeme Go mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Enter your email address and password and tap the Login button.
  3. If you are part of multiple teams (Enterprise Plan only), select which team to log in under (you can toggle between teams once logged in).
  4. Tap the gear icon  in the top right corner to open the Settings menu.
  5. Click the Settings sub-menu item.
  6. On this page, click the Bluetooth button on the top right corner of the screen.
  7. Connect the phone to the device via Bluetooth (make sure the device and the Bluetooth setting on the device is on and blinking blue). If nothing comes up on the phone, hit Scan.
  8. Connect to the device that is experiencing the issue.
  9. Once the device and phone have successfully, the device will flash white lights.
  10. Under Contact Us, click Send an Error Report.
  11. Select your email client (e.g. Gmail) and add support@biomeme.com to the “To” field if it’s not already there. An email will automatically be generated on your behalf with all the necessary device information and an attachment named "INFO_Log.txt"
  12. If requested by the Support team, please include any IDs in the subject line.
  13. Send the email!