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What is the Franklin Thermocycler's warranty?

Biomeme warrants every Franklin Thermocycler to be free of defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of shipment to the buyer.

All warranties are subject to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, and details on the Franklin limited warranty can be found in section 5.2. This section has been copied and pasted below for your convenience.

If you have any questions, please contact Biomeme Customer Support by sending an email to


Biomeme Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

    5.2       Limited Warranty.

    (i)        UPON DELIVERY OF THE SYSTEM TO YOU, ALL RISK OF LOSS AND DAMAGE TO THE SYSTEM SHALL PASS TO YOU, PROVIDED, HOWEVER, THAT IF YOU RECEIVED A DEFECTIVE SYSTEM FROM BIOMEME, YOU SHALL PROMPTLY NOTIFY BIOMEME, AND BIOMEME WILL EITHER REPAIR OR REPLACE THE SYSTEM, WHICH SHALL BE THE SOLE REMEDY AGAINST BIOMEME FOR SUCH OCCURRENCE. As the sole remedy under the Warranty, Biomeme shall make appropriate adjustments, repairs, and replacement of the parts of the System device and equipment that, in its sole discretion, are deemed necessary to keep the System in good working order. The Warranty shall not cover adjustments, repairs, and replacements that are due to: accident, impact, theft, neglect, or misuse, exposure to temperature, humidity, electrical, magnetic and/or other extremes; exposure to water, sand, and/or other contaminants; alteration and/or modification of the System, including but not limited to, any deviation from the circuit or structural machine designs of the System, and/or deviations from software programming in the System, but excluding alterations, modifications, and/or deviations approved by Biomeme and/or performed by Biomeme; installation, removal, and/or modification of any features, capabilities, and/or parts from the System, maintenance performed by anyone other than authorized by Biomeme; use of supplies, batteries, or materials which do not meet Biomeme’s specification for use with the System; and/or use of the System for purposes and uses other than for which they were designed, and/or intended by Biomeme.

    (ii)       You shall be responsible for notifying Biomeme immediately if the System does not appear to be functioning properly for whatever reason. Biomeme and you shall cooperate to determine if any System components need to be returned and replaced. Any System component to be returned shall be returned in its original packaging (or, if not available, in comparable protective packaging) and shall be returned to Biomeme only after you have obtained authorization from Biomeme to do so, which shall be provided on a timely basis and not unreasonably withheld by Biomeme. You agree to comply with Biomeme instructions with respect to the return of any System components, pursuant to which Biomeme shall pay reasonable shipping costs.

    (iii)         Biomeme reserves the right to void all warranties provided herein in the event that you do not use Biomeme consumables provided by Biomeme with the Biomeme System(s).  Biomeme, shall provide written notice in the event that your warranties are voided.

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