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How do I create a new protocol?

  1. Open the Biomeme Go mobile app on your smartphone
  2. Enter your email address and password and tap the Login button
  3. If you are part of multiple teams (Enterprise Plan only), select which team to log in under (you can toggle between teams once logged in)
  4. Select Protocol Management from the home screen
  5. Tap Add
  6. Enter the name of your protocol (e.g. Northern Pike)
  7. Toggle the color channels either on or off, depending on your assay
  8. Give your target(s) names (optional)
  9. Edit your thermocycler parameters as needed by clicking on each field that you would like to change
  10. Enable or disable Reverse Transcription and Extension steps by adjusting the toggle accordingly. All toggles are toggled off by default
  11. Tap Confirm to save your new protocol

To use your new protocol, navigate to the home screen of the Biomeme Go mobile app and select Start Run. Press Select Test and then choose your protocol.

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