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How do I ship back my device for repair?

If you have completed the following two steps, your device is ready to be shipped for repair.

1. Completed the Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) form

2. Instructed by our Support Team to return your device for repair

Follow the steps below to pack your device:

1. Place the carrying case -- with the Franklin inside -- in an appropriately sized cardboard box.

- Unless you are told otherwise by the Support Team, please only ship back the Franklin device. Keep any phone and cables with you.

2. On the outside of the box, attach the UN 3481 Lithium-Ion battery sticker (pictured below).

- Simply print out the image below and then tape on the outside of the cardboard box using clear packing tape.

3. Using a permanent black marker, write the following on the outside of the cardboard box, preferably near the UN 3481 sticker: " IATA code: P.I. 967 - II "

4. Ship the device to the following address, and send the tracking number to

Biomeme, Inc.
ATTN: Support Team
1015 Chestnut St, Suite 1401
Philadelphia, PA 19107

UN 3481

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