How does the Biomeme system work?

Biomeme makes chemistries and disposable plastics to isolate and purify DNA or RNA (called “M1 Sample Prep“), shelf-stable tests for different biological materials based off a unique DNA or RNA signature (called “Go-Strips“), and hand-held devices that perform gold-standard DNA and RNA analysis (called “Franklin”). Using our truly mobile M1 Sample Prep, you can isolate DNA or RNA from a wide range of sample types, add it to a target-specific Go-Strips and then put the Go-Strips into the thermocycler. In less than an hour, you can determine the presence or absence of the target in your sample (as well as the starting quantity).

It’s like a targeted photocopy machine for DNA or RNA. If there’s just one copy of your DNA target in your sample, the device turns it into billions of copies, which can then be detected and quantified. Our thermocyclers are controlled via our free Biomeme Go mobile app and the data can be automatically backed up in the Biomeme Cloud for remote analysis and easy integration into 3rd party databases or applications, such as Maps. Finally, the Biomeme Web API offers over 15+ endpoints for seamless merging with your favorite lab information management systems (LIMS). We are an end-to-end platform allowing anyone, anywhere, to achieve qPCR, Isothermal, or Melt Curve results in under an hour.