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How do you recommend safely dispose of the M1 Sample Prep cartridges and reagents?

DO NOT add bleach or acidic solutions directly to the liquids contained in Biomeme's M1 Sample Prep cartridges. The BLB (Biomeme Lysis Buffers) and BPW (Biomeme Protein Wash) buffers contain guanidine salts, which can form highly reactive compounds when combined with sodium hypochlorite (a.k.a. liquid bleach).

If liquid containing these buffers is spilled, clean with suitable laboratory detergent and water, or 70% alcohol.

If the spilled liquid contains potentially infectious agents, clean the affected area multiple times with laboratory detergent and water. Then, clean the area with 1% (v/v) sodium hypochlorite.

You can find the SDS sheets for our Sample Prep reagents in the SDS section of our Product Documents.