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How do I ship my Franklin Thermocycler back for repair?

If you have been instructed by our Support Team to return your device for repair and completed the Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) form, your device is ready to be shipped back to Biomeme. 

Follow the steps below to package your device for return:

1. Place your Franklin Thermocycler inside the black pelican case in which it was shipped to you. Then place the pelican case in an appropriately sized cardboard box.

- Unless you are instructed otherwise by our Support Team, please only ship back the Franklin device. Keep any/all phones and cords with you.

2. On the outside of the box, attach the UN 3481 Lithium-Ion battery sticker (pictured below).

- Simply print out the image below and tape it onto the outside of the cardboard box using clear packing tape.

3. Using a permanent black marker, write the following information on the outside of the cardboard box, preferably near the UN 3481 sticker: " IATA code: P.I. 967 - II "

4. Once you've completed the steps above, please email the box's weight and dimensions to support@biomeme.com  in order for us to create your prepaid shipping label. You will be able to print out and tape this label to the outside of your cardboard shipping box. 

If needed, Biomeme's current shipping address is as follows:

Biomeme, Inc.
ATTN: Support Team/CS Return

401 N Broad Street, Suite 222

Philadelphia, PA 19108