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How do I connect my Franklin Thermocycler and Biomeme Go app using the USB cable?

Connecting the Franklin Thermocycler and the Biomeme Go app via USB cable:


You can connect the Franklin Thermocycler to the Biomeme Go app using the USB cable included in your pelican case. To ensure a successful connection, please do the following:

  1. Hold the Power button on the Franklin Thermocycler to turn-on the device.
  2. Open the Biomeme Go app on the smartphone (and login if you have not already).
  3. Insert the USB 2.0-A Male-end of the long cable into the thermocycler. (See Fig. A)
  4. Insert the USB 2.0-A Male-end of the short cable into the smartphone. (See Fig. B)
  5. Then, connect the two cables together. (See Fig. B)
  6. Tap any buttons as prompted on the Biomeme Go app to complete.


The LED lights on the front of the Franklin will blink white if the connection has been successfully established.

                           Fig. A                                                                        Fig. B



The connection will only be established if the Biomeme Go app is already open prior to inserting the cable.

Another Note:

The connection is directional; if it is not working, try switching which end you have plugged into the phone and thermocycler respectively.