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What adhesive seals work best with Biomeme Go-Plates?

Adhesive seals are sticky (usually clear) films that are placed on PCR plates to keep the reaction from evaporating during the PCR process. There are many different brands of these adhesives and some of them work better than others with Biomeme Go-Plates.

Two brands in particular that work well with Biomeme Go-Plates are Bio-Rad Microseal 'B" Adhesive Seals and BIOplastics Opti-Seal Optical Sealing sheets.

Bio-Rad Microseal 'B' Adhesive Seals

BIOplastics Opti-Seal Optical Sealing sheets

Biomeme Go-Plates are very flexible and whatever adhesive film is used should be applied properly with an applicator device.

Film Sealing Roller for PCR Plates

You can find more information in the Biomeme Go-Plates product page and in the How-to Video How to Use Go-Plates on a Lab-Bound Thermocycler.

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