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RPC Storage/Freezing Recommendations

1. Is the RPC valid at ambient temperature for up to 7 days?
Yes, this is correct. The resuspended RPC has a maximum shelf life of 1 week when stored at room temperature 20–22 °C (68–72 °F)

2. If the contents of the kit and RPC will not be used within 7 days, should it be aliquoted and frozen immediately?
Yes, if it is possible. It should be aliquoted out and frozen at -20°C to 80°C for long term storage. We recommend freezing RPC as soon as you know it will be needed beyond a week. Freezing on day 2 after resuspension is better than freezing on day 5. If the customer is worried about whether or not they will use up all of the RPC, then freezing it all on day 1 and then thawing it out each day as needed would be fine. This actually has an added bonus of helping to prevent contamination of an entire supply of RPC. 

3. Is each aliquot valid for a single freeze thaw cycle?
Yes, for the most part. Frequent freeze/thaw cycles are detrimental to RPC, so try not to freeze/thaw the same aliquots too many times.

4. Upon thawing, would an aliquot also be considered valid for up to 7 days in refrigerated or ambient conditions? 
This again mostly depends on what day it was resuspended. If it was aliquoted on day 1 and frozen, once thawed it should then be good for 7 days at room temperature 20–22 °C (68–72 °F). If it wasn't frozen until day 4/5, then it may only be good for 2-3 days after being thawed. 

5. What is the minimum volume that could be put into an aliquot? 
The smallest volume that we typically recommend is 1mL - 1 mL should be good for just about 50 runs. The absolute smallest we would recommend would be 200uL. 

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