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RPC Buffer Long-Term Storage

Long-Term Storage

  • Always aliquot and freeze the buffer immediately after resuspension, if possible.
  • If the RPC must be stored for longer than two days, the buffer can be stored at -20°C for up to 3 months.
  • The buffer must not be at RT for longer than 48 hours from resuspension. For example, if it is frozen 2 hours after resuspension, once thawed it has a remaining shelf-life of 46 hours.
  • The RPC Buffer should only be frozen once.

1. Freezer Options

  • The best option is a lab-grade freezer that has advanced temperature control and should not experience severe changes in humidity.
  • If there is no lab-grade freezer available, a common residential fridge/freezer combination can be used to store the RPC. The temperature is typically around -18°C in these freezers which is close enough to the recommended freezing temperature of -20C for RPC Buffer.
  • If using a common freezer, always place the tube(s) in a freezer-safe zip-top bag to prevent exposure to variable humidity.

2. Aliquot

  • If part of the buffer needs to be stored long-term, the resuspended buffer can be aliquoted out into desired volumes. We recommend increasing each aliquoted volume by 10-20%. NOTE: 250 reactions worth of RPC is sent with every 96 reaction wells, therefore, by increasing each aliquoted volume by 20%, there will still be a significant volume of RPC Buffer leftover (over 2mLs).
  • The aliquots should be in screw-cap tubes which are preferred over flip-cap tubes. Flip-cap tubes may be used if there is no other option.
  • It is best practice to aliquot the buffer and place it into -20C immediately after resuspension, if freezing.

3. Thawing

  • The buffer should be completely thawed and vortexed (or shaken well) before using to ensure the concentration is correct.
  • The buffer can be thawed by placing into 4°C, RT, or warming the buffer between gloved hands. Do not apply heat of any other source to speed up the process.
  • The shelf-life once thawed is dependent on how many hours until it was placed in -20C after resuspension.
  • The RPC Buffer should not be frozen a second time.

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