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How to set up your first run/experiment

  1. Open the Biomeme Go mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Enter your email address and password and tap the Login button.
  3. If you are part of multiple teams (Enterprise Plan only), select which team to log in under (you can toggle between teams once logged in).
  4. Click Start Run.
  5. If your test kit has a QR code printed on it, you may use your smartphone camera to capture the QR code. Simply point the camera at the QR code to be scanned and you are done.
  6. If a QR code is unavailable, tap Select Test to choose from a list of available tests. If your test is not one of the ones in the available list, then you will need to create a new protocol.
  7. Select the quantity of 3-well Go-Strips to run simultaneously in your thermocycler by adjusting the + and - icons, then tap Confirm. The maximum number of Go-Strips per test run is 3.
  8. Choose your run layout from the following builds:
    1. 1 Sample, 9 Replicates
    2. 3 Samples, 3 Replicates Each
    3. 9 Samples, 1 Replicate Each
  9. Choose to Scan or Generate your Sample IDs. You can change these on the next screen if you’d like.
  10. Review your Sample IDs and tap Continue once you are ready to proceed.
  11. Select which folder you would like to save your run/experiment into. If you haven’t created a folder yet, click Add Folder located towards the top right corner and create one.
  12. Once you have selected the folder to save your run/experiment into, you can optionally change your Run Name, update your GPS Coordinates and/or add Location tags.
  13. Tap Confirm to proceed to Run Setup.
  14. If you haven’t already, power on your thermocycler and tap Continue in the Biomeme Go app.
  15. If your smartphone is not already connected to your thermocycler via Bluetooth (BLE) or serial, the app will prompt you to connect:
    1. Enable Bluetooth on your thermocycler by pressing the Bluetooth icon on the top of the thermocycler.
    2. Tap Scan in the app and wait a few seconds for your devices to be paired.
    3. Once the thermocycler is found, select it in order to connect.
  16. You are almost ready to start your run. If you would like to, select View Load Strips Tutorial located below the Confirm button to learn more about loading your Go-Strips into your thermocycler. If not, tap Confirm to proceed.
  17. Ensure your Go-Strips are loaded and the lid is closed on your thermocycler before starting your test.
  18. Tap the Start Run button!

Please check out our Biomeme Go How-to Video, to see this done in real time!

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