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Do Biomeme tests include technical replicates or controls?

Professional molecular biologists can take advantage of Biomeme’s open architecture to design whatever protocol they desire. Program in your specific thermocycling protocol with a few taps in the Biomeme Go mobile app, label the reactions as you like and run as many replicates or positive/negative controls you desire. After the test is complete you’ll have access to all of your raw data both in the app and in the Biomeme Cloud web portal. Biomeme’s prepared end-to-end Go-Kits and Go-Strip tests have different layouts depending on the intended use.

Most of our eDNA tests are multiplexed with an internal positive control (IPC) to check for inhibition and confirm the device, reagents, and PCR worked correctly. Additionally, our MS2 RNA Positive Control is versatile and can withstand our sample prep or be spiked into the Go-Strips to act as an endogenous control. Negative controls are generally less of an issue given that all sample prep and test reagents & plastics are single-use, reducing the risk of contamination. Nevertheless, in some cases users may want to run negative controls at the beginning and/or end of a test day.

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