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Can I run melt curve on Franklin?


The entire Biomeme platform is melt curve capable. 

Creating and running a Melt Curve protocol on Biomeme Go is a simple process:

  1. Log in to your Biomeme Go mobile app and tap "Protocol Management"
  2. Tap "Add"
  3. Select "Melt Curve"
  4. Set your desired parameters:
      • Melt Starting Temperature (C°)
      • Melt Ending Temperature (C°)
      • Melt Increment (C°)
  5. Return to your Home Screen
  6. Tap "Start Run"

Important Note:

PCR and Melt Curve are separate runs on our system. After your PCR finishes, create a new Melt Curve run (following the steps above). The PCR and Melt Curve data will be stored as separate runs within the app and on Biomeme Cloud.